Indoor Mushroom Cultivation

A massively productive use of space.

Mushroom Culture

Mushroom culture is created by combining mushroom spores with a water and sugar solution. Mycelium grows in the solution to quickly expand its network.

Grain Spawn

Grain spawn is created to expand the mycelial network further and to allow for the mycelium to be transferred to different substrate bags. To make the grain spawn, you first sterilize the grain jars in a pressure cooker and then introduce the culture to the jars. The mycelium will then fully colonize the grain over about 2 weeks.


Mushroom substrate is a mixture of wood sawdust and a nutrient supplement. We use soy hulls as a supplement but many other materials can be used. The substrate provides the mycelium with the proper nutrients to form fruiting bodies. To make substrate, you first mix sawdust and soybean hulls with water in a grow bag, then pressure cook the bag to sterilize it. Once sterilized, you use your fully colonized grain spawn to inoculate the substrate bag. The inoculated bag will sit for about 2 weeks until it is fully colonized.

Fruit Body

Once the substrate is fully colonized it is moved to a cool, humid environment and a slit is cut in the bag to expose the mycelium to the environment. The oxygen and moisture signal to the mycelium to start forming fruit bodies. In about one week you can harvest your mushrooms.

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