The Circular Story

Circular Harvest Farm Co. is an indoor farming company located in Abbotsford, BC. Co-Founders Kyle Born and Chadd Bauman started Circular Harvest with the vision to disrupt the current “take, make and waste” mindset of agri-businesses. Both graduates of the Environment and Business program at the University of Waterloo, Kyle and Chadd spent their final years of school learning about the social and environmental impact of agriculture and the strategies for making it more circular.

Our founders became passionate about indoor agriculture when they learned about its potential to reduce environmental impact, increase food system resiliency and improve food security.

Chadd and Kyle's passion led them to co-founding the UWaterloo Hydroponics Club growing fresh herbs and leafy greens using vertical hydroponic technology.

During their final year the pair conducted and directed a study on food system transparency where they identified a disconnect between society’s perception and the reality of how their food impacts the environment, society and human health.

  • Kyle Born

    Kyle grew up on the same farm where Circular Harvest is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. In addition to his fascination with the fungi kingdom, Kyle enjoys exploring the coastal waters of British Columbia in his sea kayak, riding his mountain bike and skiing whenever possible. He recently graduated from the University of Waterloo studying the intersection between the environment and business. This led him down the path of pursuing how the circular economy is and can further be integrated into agri-business. Send Kyle an email at if you would like to connect on any one of the above interests!

  • Chadd Bauman

    Chadd grew up in Hawksville, which is a small farming community in Southern Ontario. Before attending university, Chadd pursued a hockey career where he played in the OHL for 4 years and had the opportunity to try out for the Chicago Blackhawks before deciding to step away from the game. During his studies at the University of Waterloo, Chadd found a passion for indoor farming and the technologies that make agriculture more sustainable. He loves adventure and being active so you are most likely to find him on top of a mountain either mountain biking, hiking or skiing. Chadd loves meeting new people, so send him an email at if you want to connect.

In true Circular fashion, we retrofitted and repurpose an old poultry barn rather than building a brand new structure.

Inside the barn, we've built a low-tech farm with a lab and incubation room to produce our mushroom kits. Do you have extra space? You could farm too!

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