Let's reshape agriculture, together.

We believe the future of agriculture is circular; where the waste of one farm or industry can be transformed into a useful resource for another.

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Let's get, FUNGI

🎄 Tis' the season to be fungi! 🎄

Give the gift of growth, circularity, and delicious mushrooms this holiday season! PRE-ORDER your Mushroom Grow Kit now to secure FREE shipping in BC with a minimum order of $60 and ensure delivery on the week of December 11th.

Larger Project?

Circular Harvest offers consultations and growing supplies to hobby growers as well as commercial-scale farmers

Mushroom Farm Consulting
  • Support the Circular Agri-Food Economy

  • Experience True Food System Transparency

  • Participate In Agricultural Innovation

Dedicated to reshaping agriculture from a linear to circular agri-food system by 2030.

Circular Harvest is a circular agriculture solutions company that addresses the take-make-waste linear food system by creating environmental and economic value from waste in agriculture.

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