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Shifting Agriculture with Education

Agriculture in Elementary School Classrooms

We have partnered with elementary schools in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island to supply their classrooms with Circular Harvest Mushroom Grow Kits donated by our community. You have the option to donate a kit on any one of our product pages for an extra $4.50 to share in the cost of this initiative.

We believe that educating our future leaders about how their food is grown is paramount. By donating a grow kit, you are providing an opportunity for children to learn first-hand about how their food is grown, about the circular economy, sustainable agricultural practices as well as the mystical world of mycology!

Agriculture in High School Classrooms

“We had the privilege of having Circular Harvest teach our Agriculture 12 class about the importance of sustainable and circular agriculture. Kyle and Chadd did a great job explaining the importance of these concepts through a practical lesson using fungi. Students were engaged and had the opportunity of setting up a fungi grow bag using newspaper strips as a substrate. We can now observe the spreading mycelium and can’t wait to fry up our mushrooms.”  

Gary Funk, High School Teacher

Entrepreneurship Training

“Stillwater Consulting Ltd. first became aware of Circular Harvest Farm Co. when Kyle Born, one of the company’s founders, participated in our NexGen Business Training Program. We were inspired by Kyle’s vision, passion and congeniality – so much so that we asked him to come back on as a guest speaker within subsequent NexGen cohorts! Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, especially on the topics of sustainable agriculture, circular economic practices and entrepreneurship. If you’re thinking of engaging the Circular Harvest team in an educational capacity, you’re making a good choice.” 

Jessie Bombardier, Business Advisor

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