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Circular Harvest

Chestnut Mushroom Grow Kit

Chestnut Mushroom Grow Kit

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Your fresh Chestnut Mushrooms are guaranteed to grow! The first harvest takes just 4-8 weeks on average and will be able to yield separate harvests from your mushroom kit. After the second harvest, continue to grow more mushrooms by buying sterilized substrate and inoculating it with your old kit or place the kit in your garden where it can flush another time.

Everything you need to grow your Chestnut Oyster Mushrooms can be found inside the box, including a fully colonized mushroom substrate, spray bottle, instruction sheet.

In addition to their high nutritional value, they also taste great! Don't forget to check out our recipe page to see how versatile mushrooms are in the kitchen!

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Learn All About The Process of Growing Your Own Circular Harvest Mushroom Kit At Home! Click below for kit instructions, harvesting guide and other tips and tricks you might find helpful!