• Mushroom Substrate

    Substrate is what your grow kit is made out of. It is a mixture of upcycled sawdust and soy hulls which provide the mushroom mycelium the proper nutrients needed to grow.

  • Spray Bottle

    The kit includes a spray bottle because mushrooms need a high humidity (85-100% humidity) environment to form their unique
    shape, so spraying them several times a day is critical for their growth.

  • Recipe Card

    We have included a link to our recipe page to help inspire some culinary dishes.

    More Recipes 

6 Simple Steps to Gourmet Mushrooms

1. Place your grow kit somewhere that does not get direct sunlight and stays at a temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius. If your house is kept at 70-75F we recommend placing the kit in the fridge for 2 days before opening.

(We recommend placing the grow kit on your kitchen countertop!)

2. Remove the circle cut-out from the front of the box.

3. Using a clean knife, cut an X in the bag to expose the substrate to the air.

4. Fill your spray bottle with water and mist the substrate until it's damp.

5. For best results, mist the substrate 2-5 times depending on how dry it gets.

(TIP: We recommended avoiding misting the mushrooms directly. It can give the mushrooms bacteria blotch, instead mist the air around them.)

6. Your mushrooms will need good airflow once they start growing. Try to fan them 1-2 times per day if they are in an area of the house with little air flow.

(Do not place a plastic bag over the grow kit)

Your grow kit will fruit mushrooms 2-3 times! After your final harvest, we recommend spreading the spent substrate over your garden to fruit
even more mushrooms!

  • Too Early!

    Notice that the caps are still small and the edges are very rounded still.

  • Good to Harvest!

    Notice the caps are large and the edges are starting to flatten out but are still rounded.

  • Too Late!

    Notice the caps have flattened out and are drying out. They're still okay to eat!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if there are already mushrooms growing on my kit?

This is normal. Once the mycelium has covered the entirety of the fruiting block the mushrooms want to fruit. Cutting the plastic gives them an influx of oxygen to fruit toward but some of the pins are just a bit too eager! You can cut the plastic above the baby mushroom for it to flourish.

When do I harvest my mushrooms?

Mushrooms should be harvested before the caps flatten out and release their spores! Mushrooms grow very quickly so it is important to keep an eye on them every day looking for the ideal time to harvest. If you wait too long and the caps do flatten out (see photos below for reference). Do not worry! The caps are still edible, but they may just not stay fresh for as long. If they look mouldy or dry, they were probably left too long. Lion’s Mane should be harvested before it turns yellow and mushy. Since they do not have caps, you can gauge when to harvest them by the length of their teeth. When the teeth are about 1/4 inch long or it starts to brown, it is time to harvest.

Do I take the block out of the plastic?

No! The kit is ready for growth once you remove the cut-out and slice an X in the bag. However, You may want to remove the bag from the box to do the soaking method mentioned under Step 4 on the grow kit page for best results.

How many times will the mushrooms fruit?

Typically, a grow kit will fruit mushrooms two to three times (less amount every harvest). To ensure another harvest, remove the mushrooms and any left-over pieces from the hole so the substrate is exposed again. Make sure to soak the substrate in a bowl of cold water for 3-6 hours after harvesting. This ensures the substrate has enough water to support more mushroom growth. Once soaked, drain excess water and start your misting schedule again.

The substrate block seems dry and is not producing mushrooms…

It’s been 2 weeks and I still have no mushrooms starting…

Be patient sometimes the mycelium takes time to fruit. However, there are a few factors that may prevent your mushrooms from fruiting. It may be too warm in your house, so placing the box in the fridge for a day can help initiate pins or just find a cooler area of the house. It may be too dry, if you have not done the soaking method mentioned in Step 4 on the grow kit page then try that first. You can also try increasing your misting.If after 4 weeks and still no sign of growth, message us and we will send you another kit for free. If using a Chestnut kit, wait up to 2 months before contacting us.