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Mycology DIY Kit

Mycology DIY Kit

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Mushroom Strain

The Mycology DIY Kit is intended for fungi enthusiasts looking to take the next step in their mushroom-growing journey. This product teaches you the various steps to go from agar to fruit body. 

A beginner-moderate level of knowledge in mycology is assumed with this product. The DYI Mushroom Cultivation Book will be your guide to teach you the intricacies of mushrooms cultivation along with our general instructions listed on our learn page.


6 X Sterilized substrate

1 X Sterilized millet 

1 X Colonized agar plate

1 X Scalpel + 5 blades

1 X Pair of nitrile gloves

1 X Spray bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol for sterilization 

12 X Alligator Clips for sealing 

A sterile working environment is needed when doing mycology work to reduce the risk of contamination. We do not offer refunds due to contamination with this product.

See the instructions for a step-by-step process on how to use our Mycology DIY Kit!

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